12 Feb


Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Since we moved recently, and we “downsized” by going to a smaller home, I got rid of a lot of stuff.  Some I sold at a consignment store, some I gave away to friends, and other things I donated to charity.  The whole process of releasing was very freeing.  A lot of what I had just lying around the house is now being put to good use by people who really appreciate it.  I found so much that I really didn’t need that I wondered why I held onto it for so long in the first place!  Too often we clutter up our homes with too much stuff, when the statement that “less is more” is really true.

We do the same thing with our mind and our emotions.  How much “stuff” are we hanging on to – hurt feelings, guilt, insecurities that we don’t need?  If it is not serving us, or if it is in the way of our progress, then let’s release it.  Let it go!  Give it up!  It can be as simple as making the decision.  Or it can be as elaborate as writing down everything that you are releasing, and watching it go up in flames in the fireplace.  Either way, it feels good.  It feels lighter when we don’t have to carry around that stuff anymore.

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