04 Jan


Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Grade: C-

The best way I can describe “Push” is that it is like the X-Men without costumes.  It seems there are these people who are born with certain supernatural talents among us in this movie, and they can use those talents for good or evil, and the government wants to know who they are and recruit them for their own use.  So they stay under the radar as much as they can, except for when the good ones meet the evil ones and they end up tearing up the place.  The movie takes place in Hong Kong, I guess because it’s one of the places they hide out – and because there are lots of markets and places they can crash up in their fights.

The title “Push” comes from the people who can push thoughts into other people’s minds, making them do things they otherwise wouldn’t do.  Then there are the Bleeders, who scream until you bleed from your ears.  And there are the Sniffers, who basically sniff people out by their smell.  And Shadows, who can hide people just by hanging around them, and Watchers, who can see the future.

Dakota Fanning is a Watcher, and she’s roaming around on her own because the bad guys have her mom.  She goes to a Mover, a guy who can move stuff with his mind, to help save her mom.  They look for an escaped Pusher girl, who just happens to be his old girlfriend, and the three embark upon a kind of mystery and end up in a bunch of fights.

Dakota Fanning is a good little actress and she’s growing up.  Teen boys will probably dig the movie, but I thought it was a bit trite.  They ending was left wide open for a sequel should the movie score big at the box office – but I don’t think that’s likely.

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