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Tips for Meditation

Whether you practice Primordial Sound Meditation, or experiment with other meditation techniques, there are lots of things that you can do to enhance your experience. Here is some meditation information that everyone can use:

Some Tips for Meditation

1. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
2. Set aside a special place for meditation.
3. Meditate at the same time each day.
4. Plan your meals around your meditation. You don’t want to have a full
stomach and be busy digesting, or an empty one and hear it growling!
5. Sit comfortably, or kneel, rather than lie down, to avoid falling asleep.

Color Therapy for Stress

– Blue is calming and helps to relieve anxiety.
– Orange is a mood lifter and will help you to overcome fatigue or depression.
– Turquoise alleviates stress and tension.
– White reflects energy and will protect you from negativity.

Ways to Use Aromatherapy

– Aroma pots and light bulb rings use heat to send fragrance into the air.
– Light scented candles.
– Add essential oils to your bath water or body lotion.
– Keep scented cotton balls in your desk drawer and glove compartment.
– Add cinnamon and cloves to a saucepan filled with water and boil.
– Add 2 drops of essential oil for every 2 ounces of sesame oil to make an
aromatic massage oil.

Words and Music, more Meditation Information

– Primordial Sound Meditation is practiced in silence. This is a meditation technique which provides access the wisdom of the universe, which can only be found in the silence.
– Guided meditations are ones where a meditation instructor guides you into a state of restful awareness using voice and visual imagery.
– Some meditations use music as a way of getting the mind and body into a very relaxed state.

Lisa Marie Coffey (Lissa Coffey) is a Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor with the Chopra Center for Well Being.