04 Jan


Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Grade: C-

I love Sandra Bullock.  Just for the record, if they ever do a movie of my life I want Sandra Bullock to play me.  She’s smart, warm, funny, and she looks great in everything she does.  And I can see where “Premonition” is a great vehicle for her – she gets to play a range of emotions and really show off her acting chops.

Unfortunately, the movie itself is not so hot.  No, it’s not confusing – I was able to follow it just fine.  It’s just that it’s all gimmick, and gimmick only goes so far in a movie.  It’s an interesting gimmick, basically Bullock’s character experiences days of a particular week out of order, so she has a sort of amnesia certain days of the week, and then a kind of clairvoyance the rest of the time.  The drama is that on one of those days, her husband dies in a car accident.  Can she prevent it from happening?  Is she going crazy?  Is her marriage falling apart?  Or is this all a part of some dark conspiracy?

Julian McMahon plays the husband – a normal guy, a departure from the actor’s usually eccentric characters.  Their two kids are darling – and great little actresses.

In the end it’s not so complicated.  But the ending is unsatisfying, nothing is really resolved.  We don’t know the real “why” or “how”  – there are a lot of questions unanswered and a lot of holes left to be filled.

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