14 Aug

Organize Your Closet, Open Up Your Wardrobe

Brynn McKenry
Brynn McKenry is the host of a syndicated radio show called The Brynn Project designed to help inspire people to feel good from the inside out. Brynn believes that while fashion and beauty are typically what we see on the outside, style also comes from the way we carry ourselves. While trends can vary from person to person, Brynn is constantly looking for new ways to enhance a look.
Brynn McKenry

While many of us enjoy staying updated with the latest fashion
trends, it can sometimes cause our closets to get out of control. We
can use this time of year to help get them organized and get things
off the floor.

I sat down and chatted with the Chief Design Officer for
California Closets, Ginny Snook Scott, to get some ideas about why
and how we can re-design and/or re-organize our closets.

So let’s start with the why.

  • This time of year inspires organizational epiphanies.
    This started at the peak of spring cleaning, and often when we
    think of those epiphanies we think about the bigger projects like
    remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. But what about those little
    things that aren’t as expensive and as time-consuming. I’m
    referring to adding storage to you house…it costs a lot less and
    can add value to your house when that time comes.

  • Closet space is a high priority in a new home.
    California Closets recently did a study about what remodeled areas
    actually add cost to the home, the closet/storage came in at the
    top. Potential new home owners will look at the kitchen and
    bathroom and then most head in the direction of the closet doors.

    • 75% of homeowners consider
      prioritize closet space as important or very important, which is
      25% more than it was last year.

  • While adding value, you can currently enjoy it. It’s important to be able to keep yourself organized. Typically
    the closet is where you start and end your day, so having everything
    in place can really set your attitude for the day.

Now let’s move on to how we can
maximize the storage space in our closet.

  • Hire a professional organizer.
    They can help you get an idea of what needs to be done.
    Professional organizers will offer the budget-friendly suggestions
    that can mean doubling your hanging space and creating shelving so
    your shoes are off the floor. These are simple and inexpensive
    additions to add to your closet.

    • By pulling everything up
      off the floor, you have it at eye level and are more likely to see
      everything you have without something getting lost at the bottom or
      back of the closet. Many people don’t realize how many things they
      actually have until their closet has been fully organized. This
      means that favorite top that disappeared has been collecting dust
      in the back of the closet for months.

  • Beware the dressers and drawers. Clothes can get hidden away in the these and we can forget some of
    the items we have in them. A suggestion Ginny made is getting rid
    of your dresser and replacing it with shelves so you are able to see
    everything you have.

    • If you were to look at the
      bottom drawer of your dresser at the very bottom of that drawer,
      chances are you will find something you haven’t seen in about a
      year. With the shelving, you will be able to have everything in
      sight and then you won’t be tempted to buy it again because you
      didn’t realize you already had it.

    • Another suggestion is to
      rotate items in your drawer. Typically when we do laundry, we tend
      to put the clean stuff on top in your dresser, and then those are
      most likely the first items you grab when you’re looking for
      something to wear. So instead put those newly clean clothes at the
      bottom of the drawer and allow yourself to grab something you
      haven’t worn for a week or two or three.

      • Don’t be one of the those
        people who only wears about 30% of their wardrobe because they it
        sits on top in the dresser. This is also another way that those
        favorite pieces will get worn out faster.

  • Motivate yourself to organize. Spend
    time on the personal touches and details. You want to make the
    space look like the décor of other areas of your home and go beyond
    basic storage. So have fun choosing really beautiful handles,
    intricate details, and fun pieces that really make a statement to
    your closet.

    • You can get great ideas
      for how to do this from place like Pinterest or Ginny recommends
      even going to a showroom where you can walk through an example
      closet and get ideas. For more ideas of great ways to organize your
      closet, you can also check out www.californiaclosets.com.

So open up your eyes to all of
the clothes you have in your closet, and get them off the floor. The
more in sight your clothes are, the more creative you can be with
your style choices, and the more you can save money knowing what
fashion staples your already have.

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