12 Feb

No More Caffeine!

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

One of my major get-on-the-soap-box issues is about the caffeine problem that is going on today.  Recently I came across a website where the topic is handled both practically and with a sense of humor.  Humor is a great way of getting a point across, and I like that this site is getting some attention.  The site is: www.energyfiend.com and one of its features is that it lists the caffeine content on brand name beverages, including energy drinks.  Another page includes a caffeine calculator, which will figure out how much of any given drink it would take, with your particular body weight, to cause “death by caffeine.”  It’s really good to find someone who feels as strongly as I do about this problem.  And I’m impressed at all the work that was put in to make it such an informative, and entertaining, website.


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