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Nitin Pabuwal
Nitin hails from India, the land of spirituality. As a child, he was initiated into religion like most Indians. But his intellectual curiosity made him question the validity of religion in his early youth. Not finding any convincing reason to believe, he turned agnostic and remained focused on the materialistic aspect of existence. He was blessed with a successful life working at top software companies for over a decade after graduating from one of the world’s premier technology institute. He also relocated to USA in the process. But, even after enjoying some of best worldly things for a long time, he didn't experience lasting happiness and joy. And then it hit him. He felt a strong inner calling to find deeper meaning and purpose in life that's more aligned with the true self and could bring enduring happiness to himself and others. So he immediately quit the corporate world and went on an open-ended trip to India where he discovered the real beauty of spirituality. He did an intensive course in Yoga and Vedanta and dedicated his full-time to spirituality since then. He is constantly learning and adapting spirituality more and more in his life, and has already experienced wonderful results within a short span of time. He instills only the most authentic teachings backed by immense clarity and direct experience, and loves to share some of his powerful learnings so that others may also benefit from them.

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