31 Dec

New Year’s Eve Glamour

Brynn McKenry
Brynn McKenry is the host of a syndicated radio show called The Brynn Project designed to help inspire people to feel good from the inside out. Brynn believes that while fashion and beauty are typically what we see on the outside, style also comes from the way we carry ourselves. While trends can vary from person to person, Brynn is constantly looking for new ways to enhance a look.
Brynn McKenry

Happy New Year’s Eve!! Tonight is a time to embrace that holiday
glamour one last time. It’s a time to dress up in our glitter and
sparkles without feeling over the top, but what’s even more important
then the outfit we choose is the fine tuning that beauty routine so
that every blemish and hair is properly controlled. As we are in the
thick of the winter season this can seem a little tougher with the
dryer air, but I chatted with beauty and fashion expert, Rebekah
George, for some winter beauty advice.

Rebekah has been a national beauty, fashion, and healthy lifestyle
expert for over a decade. She has made special appearances on The
Doctor’s, Inside Edition, and The Early Show. You may also recognize
Rebekah as host of Total Look on www.totalbeauty.com.

To help you find that last minute New Year’s Eve look and carry
that beauty into 2015, let’s start from the inside out. After all,
this time of year we are started to see our skin looking a little dry
and brittle. While many of us will choose to moisturize with that
lotion, another thing to think about are vitamins. Nature’s
Bounty Optimal Solutions Extra Strength Hair, Skin, & Nails Soft
are the first to contain argan oil, antioxidants, and
hyloronic acid to help you maintain the health of your hair, skin,
and nails. Plus, if you’re someone who doesn’t like swallowing those
big pills, they come in gummies as well. What makes this vitamin
even better is their guarantee that you will see a difference in your
hair, skin, and nail health. They offer a 30 day money back
guarantee. If you take the challenge to try these vitamins for 30
days and don’t see results, then you can get your money back.

Now your beauty routine won’t be saved with just one effort, so
once you have your system down with the vitamins it’s time to move to
your topical skin treatment. Olay has a couple of new products to
help tame those wrinkles and/or blemishes.

  • The Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System is a beauty cult favorite. It is designed to professionally deep
    clean your skin. So at the end of the night tonight or even as your
    are taking off your makeup from work to get ready for New Year’s
    Eve, you can feel confident that you will get it all of and let your
    skin breath.

  • The Olay
    Regenerist Instant Fix Wrinkle and Pore Vanisher
    another beauty cult favorite. This is part of their Regenerist
    Instant Fix Collection and is designed to get your picture ready for
    all of those photo ops. The wrinkle and pore vanisher fills in fine
    lines and wrinkles to help your skin feel and look velvety smooth.
    This is a product to carry into 2015 and get your skin glowing all
    year round.

The final beauty tip that we have to help you ring in a fabulous
beauty New Year is all about that fragrance. Whether you have a date
for New Year’s or you’re ringing in the night with a group of
friends, you want to have a scent that says classy, sexy, and you. Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds Lustreis just that. It’s a sheer floral fragrance that invokes femininity
with a timely glamour. The scent features notes of juicy mandarin and
pear topped with Elizabeth’s favorite flower, the Narcissus.

As you’re looking for those
perfect winter scents you want to search for something with a heavier
note, but also keep in mind for those fragrances that are great year
round. The White Diamonds Lustre is just that. The notes aren’t too
heavy or light making it perfect for each season.

Plus, with each purchase of
Elizabeth Taylor’s White Diamonds Lustre, you are helping her
commitment to HIV/AIDS. A portion of the sales from White Diamonds
and her other fragrances have been directed to go to the HIV/AIDS

So take the time to get your hair, skin, and nails looking and
feeling perfect. Make sure that as you’re welcoming in 2015, you are
setting yourself up for a happy, positive, and beautiful New Year.   

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