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What Movie Star are you?
Q.1 Which describes your perfect date?
  • Candlelight dinner for two
  • Amusement Park
  • Rollerblading in the park
  • Rock Concert
  • Have dinner & see a movie
  • Dinner at home with a loved one
Q.2 What is your favorite type of music?
  • Rock and Roll
  • Alternative
  • Soft Rock
  • Classical
  • Christian
  • Jazz
Q.3 What is your favorite type of movie?
  • Comedy
  • Horror
  • Musical
  • Romance
  • Documentary
  • Mystery
Q.4 Which of the following jobs would you choose if you were given only these choices?
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Sports Player
  • Teacher
  • Policeman
  • Bartendar
  • Business person
Q.5 Which would you rather do if you had an hour to waste?
  • Work out
  • Make out
  • Watch TV
  • Listen to the radio
  • Sleep
  • Read
Q.6 Of the following colors, which do you like best?
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Sky blue
  • Teal
  • Gold
  • Red
Q.7 Which one of the following would you like to eat right now?
  • Ice cream
  • Pizza
  • Sushi
  • Pasta
  • Salad
  • Lobster Tail
Q.8 Which is your favorite holiday?
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • New Year's
  • Valentine's Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Fourth of July
Q.9 If you could go to any of the following places, which would it be?
  • Reno
  • Spain
  • Las Vegas
  • Hawaii
  • Hollywood
  • British Columbia
Q.10 Of the following, who would you rather spend time with?
  • Someone who is smart
  • Someone with good looks
  • Someone who is a party animal
  • Someone who has fun all the time
  • Someone who is very emotional
  • Someone who is fun to be with