11 Nov

Morning Routine Checklist

Brynn McKenry
Brynn McKenry is the host of a syndicated radio show called The Brynn Project designed to help inspire people to feel good from the inside out. Brynn believes that while fashion and beauty are typically what we see on the outside, style also comes from the way we carry ourselves. While trends can vary from person to person, Brynn is constantly looking for new ways to enhance a look.
Brynn McKenry

Are you someone in need of the snooze button or that extra cup of coffee in the morning? And then no matter what you do to get ready in the morning, it’s like there’s never enough time? Well, facing the morning and getting out of bed doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s important to get ourselves into a morning ritual so that we can easily get everything done.

And with that morning ritual, you will shave time off of that morning routine for some extra minutes of sleep or even getting to enjoy breakfast. Not to mention the fact that you will quite a bit more energy for the day.

I chatted with journalist and host of the Style Network’s “City Girl Diaries”, Raina Seitel, about some of her ideas for putting together that morning routine for both her and her kids. She shared tips on everything from what to do the night before to making sure everything from our teeth, skin, and nutrition are taken care of.

So let’s start with the night before:

  • Pick out that outfit at night. All of us are guilty of searching through our closet for the perfect outfit to wear that day and having to try on about five different outfits before we find the right one. By doing this the night before, you won’t have to rush any other routine because picking out your outfit took a little longer.

  • Making lunches. Whether your a parent or not, it’s helpful to make lunches at night so that in the morning you can just grab it and go (or the kids can grab and go).

  • Make a checklist. It makes things go smoother. If you get up and end up switching up things with your routine from day to day, then it makes it harder to remember to get everything done. A checklist helps you create a system that can eventually shave off time for how long it takes you to get ready. If you follow the same steps everyday, they will become ingrained.

Raina mentions a lot about our routines being a 24/7 approach. She says that in addition to making lunches and picking outfits out at night, it helps to get to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. By getting to bed early, it makes the morning easier to deal with. Now when it’s time for your alarm to wake you up, try moving your alarm across the room. This will take away any temptation to hit the snooze alarm.

And as soon as you turn that alarm off, don’t just sit down and wait for yourself to fully wake up. It’s time to get to the bathroom.

  • Brush your teeth. It’s really important to take care of that oral health. Raina recommends Colgate Enamel Health because it strengthens enamel while protecting the teeth. Afterall, enamel is the teeth’s first line of defense. And during the day, our teeth tend to start feel rough and weak, but Colgate Enamel Health protects against that. It replenishes and polishes for healthy enamel, healthier teeth, and a healthier smile.
  • Wash your face. Since most of us use that night time routine to wash off the makeup, the morning routine should be really simple. All you should have to do is throw on some water and wash your face. Then you want to make sure you are applying that moisturizer immediately after.

    • Raina likes using Roc Retinal Correxion Deep Moisturizing Serum. It’s a combination of pure retinal and essential minerals and is proven to reduce wrinkles and fine lines in 12 weeks. Goes on very smooth and continues to work under our makeup. It will give your skin a radiant and dewy glow.

    • The reason we want to moisturize after things like the shower and washing our faces is because it will look in the moisture and as the weather gets colder you won’t have to worry about dry skin.

  • Our lips. It’s important to keep your lips hydrated, moisturized, and kissable. Raina likes the new product from Blistex, their Ultra Rich Hydration. It’s a dual-layer balm with two advanced formulas. The inner blue layer is 80% moisturizing with cocoa butter. The outer layer is a protectant containing SPF. It keeps your lips hydrated throughout the day and very kissable.

Then once you have yourself looking and feeling beautiful for the day. You don’t want to skip out on breakfast. After all, it is the most important meal of the day, but many of us don’t have time for a leisurely breakfast because they are trying to get themselves and maybe their kids out the door. This doesn’t mean that our nutrition has to lack. We have some on the go options to choose from, and one of Raina’s favorites is the new Post Goodness To Go. It’s a breakfast shake with 15 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and no artificial flavors, colors, or sweetners. Plus, it comes in three different flavors (vanilla, chocolate, and mocha) to give you a little variety. It will make you feel full and energized in the morning.

So as you are creating those checklists each morning, remember that it’s okay to be simpler. The simple the better, actually. It will be easier for you to keep up with each morning and you will be able to shave some time off of that routine for some extra snoozing minutes or maybe even some family breakfast time.

You can see more of Raina Seitel’s tips on her Twitter, @RainaSeitel.

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