24 Nov

McKinney Falls State Park Camping, Austin, TX

Susan Alton

Susan Alton

Susan Alton

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Easy peasy two-hour drive was accomplished this morning from San
Antonio to Austin, Texas. When we reached McKinney Falls State Park at
11:45 a.m., a sign informed us the campground is sold out. Good thing I
made reservations four weeks ago!! We will be here for four nights.

site #27 was assigned to us, but the ranger told us if we didn’t like
it we could drive around and find a site we do like, then call to find
out if it’s available. Site 27 had no appeal for us whatsoever. We drove
around and found a pull-through site we liked, called the office and
were approved for the pull-through site, no extra charge. So nice here;
but hot and sunny. Here we are, all set up.

Our home for four nights!
Nice and spacious.
We have a fire ring and no fire restrictions!

Did I ever tell you all how much I love nature? Just a
few minutes ago, a deer ran by our 5th wheel and a squirrel is hanging
around outside our door.

After going to the
Visitor Center, walking to Upper and Lower McKinney Falls, and going
grocery shopping, we were in mellow vacation mode.

McKinney Falls State Park
Upper Falls Swimming Hole
Upper McKinney Falls swimming hole–dry falls.
Upper McKinney Falls swimmin’ hole cypress trees.
Visitor Center at the park.

At the Visitor Center, we saw man-made
chimney swift towers. Chimney swifts historical natural nests used to be
hollow old-growth trees. However, since most old-growth trees were
logged years ago, the swifts adapted to man-made structures. The towers
are for birds to roost and nest in.

Chimney swift tower.

We took the short walk to Lower McKinney Falls. Can anyone
identify the flowers? The first flower is
white with yellow center. The second is like a jack-in-the-pulpit.
There’s a pod with a very small purple “head” poking out.


Swimmin’ hole at Lower McKinney Falls.
We can’t wait to go swimming!


Interesting potholes in the rock.


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