04 Jan


Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Grade: B-

Marigold is a Bollywood movie starring an American actress (Ali Larter from the TV show “Heroes”) about an American actress named Marigold starring in a Bollywood movie!  It’s actually very cute – and as I’m a fan of Bollywood movies, very fun.

We meet Marigold in the airport, she is late for her flight to Bombay and lies her way onto the plane, yelling at her agent on her cellphone the whole way.  We get the message, she’s obnoxious.  It doesn’t take much to knock her down a few pegs, as she’s stranded in India with no job and no luggage.  Opportunity presents itself in the form of a role in a Bollywood film, and she takes it, even knowing that she is unqualified because she can’t dance.  Her handsome choreographer, Prem, rescues her and the two fall in love.

There is a clash of cultures, and a few obstacles to overcome before we can have our happy ending.  Meanwhile we get the requisite Bollywood dance numbers and some broad humor.  The costumes are just beautiful – the whole movie looks like one big fantasy.  And of course the setting is breathtaking.

It’s a corny romantic comedy, but I enjoyed it thoroughly!

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