04 Jan

Live Free or Die Hard

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Grade: B

Bruce Willis is back!  I don’t even know what number this would be in the Die Hard series… 4 maybe?  It’s been a long time between movies.  But for Bruce it seems like only yesterday – he’s as cool as ever.  There’s lots of humor in this movie, most of it aimed at Bruce’s age, and he plays it off really well.  This is a guys movie – I couldn’t even tell you how many explosions or chase scenes there were – it was a little ridiculous.  And it got to be silly how many times Bruce falls from the sky and comes out unscathed – but you just have to go with it – he’s the man, after all!

The plot is all about a former government employee’s plot to take over the world via the internet.  Justin Long is the computer geek who starts out as Bruce’s assignment and ends up being his sidekick.  They’re a cute team.

Fun movie, a little over the top, a little loud, but a good night’s entertainment.

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