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Hello Lissa.

Pleasure to meet you.

I am just starting to study Buddhism. Not as a religion, but rather as a way of thinking and doing things.

I took the “whats your Dosha baby test, and it says that I’m a Kapha.

It is my desire to change my way of thinking about people, my job and life in general. I thought that I would do this through buddhism.

A little about myself.

I work with autistic kids and I am presently working on a transfer degree to a MA in special Education with an interest in psychology and English as I like to write.

There are a million books out there about buddhism, and thought I should read them all, any insight from you that I can apply to my journey?

I will have the summer of, and I plan to use the time to venture my Siddhartha through readings, diet and yoga..




Hi, Michael!

I can recommend a wonderful website from my friend and teacher, the Ven. Rev. Kusala:

I did a video with Kusala, and you can see it here: