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Full moon


Dear Lissa:  I took the Dosha test long time ago and I came up with Kapha.  I took it today and I am a Vata?  I’m confused.  Is there any way I can stablish wich is my Dosha so I can follow my diet?  

Thank you!




this happens all the time! This is the difference between prakruti (our state of balance) and vikruti (our state of imbalance) – our vikruti changes often as we are affected by the weather, stress, etc.  The idea is to get back to our natural state of balance, our prakruti!

Take the test answering the questions as if you were feeling GREAT – at your best – 

The results from that should be your prakruti.

Then take the test again answering the questions as you feel right now – that is your vikruti.

Generally you’ll be on the dosha that is your prakruti. This is your natural state of balance. But sometimes you’ll need to follow seasonal routines. For example, in the summer where there is extra heat you might need some Pitta techniques to get you cooled off and back into balance.

The other thing you can do is to consult with an ayurvedic practitioner, who will take your pulse, look into your eyes and look at your tongue in addition to giving you a much more thorough test to take. The practitioner will give you lots of personalized practices that will help you to get back into balance.

Hope that helps!