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Ever since I was little my mother always said that I had a higher IQ than my sister and I had what was termed as “lazy brain”. I often wondered about that, while growing up.  I asked my doctor if there were any tests to be sure of the lazy brain, and if I had it. Well medical society says that it is ADHD. I took the test and yes I do have it, as well as an IQ of 129. When I look back at some of the memories that I have of my childhood, I see it all too clearly. I had all the classic signs of ADHD. I now know and can close that part of my life. I am still learning about it and the effect of diet on the disease. Since finding out about it, I have learned that everyone is not perfect, and those you thought were, really weren’t.

Although this isn’t a question, I just wanted you to know that I have closure in regards to this matter with my mother. I thank you for your insight to Dharma and doshas.  I am learning so much about myself and how to relate to those around me.


Thank you!

I have ADHD myself so I can relate. Embrace who you are!  ADHD is NOT a disease – in many cases it’s really just a Vata imbalance.  Work on balancing your Vata and you’ll be much better able to focus and concentrate.

Lots of love,