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Hi Lissa!

 I took the What’s your Dosha quiz and it says I’m a Tri-Dosha.   Kapha-dominant in body and Pitta-dominant in mind.  I’m a bit confused because Kaphas are sturdier and have a good resistance to disease etc.  I’m not big-boned first of all.  I’m actually quite skinny except for my gut (which is what is usually affected when I gain weight) and my thighs.    Also I have a low resistance and am often sick.  Also have really low energy.  I was hoping you could tell me what food/s to eat so I can fix those problem areas (tummy mostly) and boost my resistance.




Tri-doshas need to really follow a seasonal routine.  You can find out more about this here:


 Vata is the “lead” dosha, so it tends to get out of balance first – which may be why your immunity is low.  Eat warm, cooked foods, because those are easier to digest.  Make sure you are getting plenty of water and plenty of fiber in your diet.  Get plenty of sleep.  Add ginger to your diet wherever possible, ginger tea, etc – that will help improve digestion. Take morning walks.

Once you get your Vata in balance, I think you’ll feel better – and then you can look at maintaining balance seasonally.

I recommend you see an ayurvedic practitioner in your area – a practitioner will take your pulse and give you specific recommendations to address each issue.


Good luck!