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I like a girl so much. she is elder to me. for last 1 year we have never spoken together. Recently I break the silence. I went and speak to her. She spoke to me normally. She knew my name, even then she was asking to me “is it your name, right?” . I was speaking little romantically. It was our first speech. Before that I have never tried to speak to her. Even I have never laughed at her for one year. She was mentioning that thing when I spoke to her. She then said “ I have never asked about you to anybody”. After that we started to smile each other. Before I spoke to her things were like this, she most of the time looks at me when she pass near to me.  sometimes she tried to smile at me. but I didn’t. lot of time I have felt she is chasing me. I have seen lot of times she was staring at me. me also used to look back at her. There were a good eye contact between she and me. I am a person little quiet, calm and soft spoken. In other hand she is much talkative and outgoing. She is friendly to all guys. After our first speech next day she said  ‘ hi’ to me. I smiled at her. Stil she is looking at me when she pass near to me. I have mentioned that she is not looking to other guys like she looks at me. me also tried to chase her a lot of times.some times a small smile on her face when she see me. If she likes me why didn’t she behave like that when I spoke to her first time? My speech is not attractive, because of that reason she may run away from me? when I spoke to her, after some she herself stop the talking and said bye, not extended the speech more than 5 minutes. I love her so much. Now I can ask her whether she loves me or not? Or can I wait some more time? Give me a reply please�.


 The “rules” are different in each culture.  Here in the U.S. we are much more direct!

You’re still in the flirting stage of this budding relationship.  Keep flirting, and use this time to get to know each other before you decide if your feelings are genuine or not.  Attraction is not the same as love.  Take your time. You don’t want to scare her off.  Be mindful, and polite, women are impressed by gentlemanly behavior.