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A Loving Kindness Meditation

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May I be……

May my teachers and all teachers of the Truth be……

May my parents, brothers and sisters, friends and relatives be……

 From the highest realm of existence to the lowest, may all beings arisen in these realms, with form and without, with perception and without, with consciousness and without, may they be……

(Repeat below after each introduction.)

……happy, peaceful and free from suffering.
May no harm come to me/them.
May no difficulties come to me/them.
May no problems come to me/them.
May I/they always find fulfillment.

May I/they also have patience, courage, understanding, and determination, to meet and overcome, the inevitable difficulties, problems, and failures in life.

Intention for Suffering Beings

May the suffering ones be suffering free, And the fear struck fearless be.
May the grieving shed all grief,
And the sick find health relief.