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Kellie Stone

Kellie Stone

I’m Kellie Stone, founder of Women’s Life Link and a passionate messenger to women. My “message” is pretty simple, really. I want you to know and understand that you can be the successful, creative woman you’re meant to be in this life. You can fulfill your life dreams, passions, and ultimate purpose. And you can earn a living by walking on your unique, sacred path! In my quest to be a sacred guide for women on their journey of self-discovery, I am an avid student of life. I am a Journey to Purpose Coach and Intuitive Reader who received my certification through renowned spiritual life and business coach Karen Coffey and The Hope of Humanity Foundation. As a writer, you’ll discover many of my published articles on Womenslifelink.com, Livestrong.com, AllThingsChic.net, TimeFindersMagazine.com, and many other blogs and e-zines.

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