14 Jan

How Your Family’s Health Issues Will Impact Your Health

Cesar Gamio

Cesar Gamio

César is a Master Educator with the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing and a highly profiled wellbeing consultant who also serves as Senior Advisor to the Global Centre for Conscious Leadership. Under the personal training and guidance of Dr. Deepak Chopra, the global leading authority on mind-body medicine, César has been helping individuals and organisations for over a decade to effectively manage stress, attain work-life balance and improve their overall physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. For 15 years, César led a successful career in two Fortune 500 companies in the technology industry, holding executive leadership positions in various regions across the world. Having experienced first-hand the demands of working in a global and fast-paced industry, he managed to effectively deal with the pressure as well the volatile and changing environment of the industry by applying the principles, methods and techniques which he now teaches. Equipped with his own personal experience and the latest scientific research and evidenced-based tools and practices, César has delivered comprehensive lectures, seminars and workshops to thousands of people and hundreds of organisations in every continent helping them to achieve higher levels of wellbeing in all aspects of their lives. Through his work, participants have been able to acquire the practical knowledge required to be more productive and creative at work and raise their energy and engagement levels. César’s contributions have been influential in helping clients in Fortune 500 companies to find their source of inspiration, enabling deeper, more meaningful and substantial collaboration in multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams. César’s corporate clientele extends across many industries, including IT, financial, media, pharmaceutical, oil & gas and consumer products to name a few. He also serves as a personal wellbeing consultant to government, sports, arts and entertainment personalities.
Cesar Gamio

Is there a history of heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, cancer, Alzheimers, migraines or any other mental or physical illness in your family?  If so, it’s very likely that contained in every cell of your body, are the genes responsible for triggering those chronic conditions.  Whether you like to hear it or not, you may be carrying a vast array of ticking health bombs in the form of “bad” genes that could potentially impact your health.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to defuse those bombs. Approximately 5% of disease-related genes are fully penetrant, meaning that the disease will develop regardless of any type of intervention. Through healthy lifestyle choices, we can keep the remaining 95% of disease-related genes dormant. A booming field called epigenetics reveals how lifestyle and environmental factors can regulate gene expression.

Healthy lifestyle choices allow you to up-regulate your good genes, which means that you can turn on the genes that prevent chronic illnesses. Inversely, through these same healthy choices, you can down-regulate the genes that create these chronic conditions in the first place (including the 500 genes that have been identified as crucial in developing heart disease, many types of cancer, and inflammation).

Regular exercise, restful sleep, a balanced diet, minimising stress (particularly work-related stress), healthy emotional relationships and the practice of Yoga and silent meditation, have proven to positively influence gene expression. Recent studies have shown that even if you have led an unhealthy lifestyle up until recently, incorporating these healthy practices now will positively impact your health by silencing disease-related genes within 90 days.

Your thoughts, feelings, behaviour, mood, social interactions and personal relationships will influence the activity of your genes as well, and therefore hold the key to your physical and mental wellbeing. Be mindful of this fact when choosing a job, a role or a project when it comes to work.

So remember that you genes are not your destiny. Your health fate is not sealed; it’s in your hands.

César Gamio

Chopra Center Master Educator

Senior Advisor to the Global Center for Conscious Leadership

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