31 Dec


Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

You might notice a big “hole” in our blog entries.  All of the blogs from July 07 to right now are gone.  There are also hundreds of “Letters to Lissa” missing off the site.  What happened?  We were hacked!

A hacker is a vandal, basically like a burglar, who figures out how to break into websites and goes in and wreaks havoc with the code destroying files and in turn, content.  This website was recently the victim of a hacker.  Fortunately, we had a back-up system in place, so we were able to save a lot of our files.  But no system is 100% and we lost a ton of information.  We lost all of our surveys, and our news entries – it’s really sad.  A lot of work.  A lot of time.  A lot of energy.  Just destroyed for no apparent reason.

Some of the entries we’ll never be able to get back.  It’s just pieces of history lost forever.  It might not mean anything to some people, but it means a lot to me.  It’s devastating.  It’s a violation.

So, if any of you happened to have saved any blog entries from 7-07 to present, please send them to me so I can re-post.  Thanks!

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