14 May

Government Canyon State Natural Area, Texas

Susan Alton

Susan Alton

Susan Alton

Bob and I went our separate ways this morning. He ran 10 miles on the
Riverwalk, and I hiked five miles at Government Canyon State Natural Area
with Hill Country Hikers. Both of us enjoyed our respective forms of

The hiking group started at 8:00 a.m. and we
did five miles in two hours. Quite a few new hikers joined in today. I
think we had about 15 people. Today’s hike was a walk in the park –
mostly level, easy trails with just a few rock and root trippers.

Hiking down into the canyon.
A portion of the canyon floor.


Brown-eyed Susans and blue-star
Bunny frozen in place.
Prairie larkspur and firewheels.
Government Canyon State Natural Area – A path we didn’t take.

Another 2.5 mile hike was next on a different trail in the park. We
could opt out of the shorter hike and three of us did. After 8.8 miles
yesterday, I felt five miles was enough for today. My feet thanked me
profusely for not adding blisters.

Travel Bug out.

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