24 Nov

Government Canyon State Natural Area, San Antonio, TX

Susan Alton

Susan Alton

Susan Alton

Through the Woods – Sunday, July 14, 2013


Our hike today with San Antonio Hill Country Hikers started on the
Government Canyon State Natural Area trail at precisely 7:45 a.m. One of
the attributes I like about this group is they start on time…no

We headed out into the frontcountry on
easy trails to warm up before heading uphill into backcountry. The first
part of the hike was on wide, flat trails. When we ventured into the
backcountry, the trails became narrower and a lot rockier. Thankfully,
most of the hike was in the woods. Woods = shade!

Hill Country Hikers at one of the park overlooks.
Trail distances. (Click photo to enlarge.)
Trail map. (Click photo to enlarge.)


Nice logo on the spur trail signs.
Well, not quite. Paul took us down to an overlook.
View from the overlook toward park headquarters.
Brief break.
Paul describing the lay of the land.
Our group with Paul, our leader.
Gone to seed.
Nice tree trunk arch frame.
 Straw flower.  


Horse crippler cacti.


Mountain lions inhabit area.
Saying our good-byes.

We hiked six miles this morning and learned a lot
about Government Canyon: There are at least 40 miles of hiking trails,
more acreage has been added to the park, and new hiking trails will be
constructed; wild pigs live in the park as do rabbits and mountain


There was talk of going out for pancakes after
the hike and I was game, but a solid plan didn’t materialize by the time
we left. Instead, we stopped at Taco Cabana and each had egg and potato
breakfast burritos with salsa from the Salsa Bar and a bottle of orange
juice. What a great protein replenisher after the hike.

Have a good week. Travel Bug out.




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