28 Oct

Global Healing and Social Harmony Meditations

Alan Pritz
Rev. Alan Pritz, Interfaith Minister and spiritual disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, has trained in and taught inner sciences for 40+ years. Author of award-winning book, Meditation as a Way of Life: Philosophy and Practice (Quest: 2014), his private practice in Minneapolis, MN, Awake In Life, provides meditation instruction and spiritual counseling-coaching for individuals, couples, and corporations. To learn more see: www.Awake-in-Life.com.
Alan Pritz

A thought came to me recently while meditating: Most everyone I know is frustrated by and discouraged with global strife, social turmoil, and political squabbling yet also uncertain how they, as individuals, can contribute something positive to offset rampant negativity. That’s when it occurred to me to initiate Global Healing & Social Harmony Meditations. Based on the distant healing teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, the following techniques serve on subtle levels to direct energy whenever and wherever needed and, accordingly, lay the framework for healing to materialize externally.

So, please use what is shared here – by yourself or in groups – and know that everyone’s input is of real value.

Here’s what to do:

1.) Convert your Body / Mind into a Spiritual Battery. Spend time in prayer and meditation. Go within and affirm your nature as a child of Spirit; one with the Divine. Call to God in the language of your heart to reveal Him/Her/It Self, then, be still & receive. Feel the Sacred’s subtle responses manifest as ever-increasing joy, love, or peace in your heart.

2.) Offer a Prayer invoking divine energy to flow through you. Remember that God alone is the Healer and Source of all healing. We merely serve as channels for this force to flow through us. Here is a prayer you can use: “Heavenly Father / Divine Mother / Infinite Spirit, Thou art omnipresent, Thou art in all creation; manifest Thy healing presence in all bodies, minds, souls, in all parts of the Earth, and in every society.” (Yes, this is a bit King James style so feel free to create your own prayer according to taste.)

3.) Send Healing To All Individuals.
Note: Do these exercises with eyes closed and focused at the spiritual eye or 6th chakra. This center is the seat of concentration, will, and spiritual perception.

– Rub the palms briskly, hold your palms up and facing out then chant Om directing healing energy to all Bodies
– Rapidly rotate the hands in a forward circular motion, hold your palms up facing out then chant Om directing healing energy to all Minds
– Repeat step one and direct healing energy to all Souls.

Note: As you do this you will increasingly feel a current or pulsing of energy flow out through your palms for the purposes specified.

4.) Send Energy for Planetary Healing.

Lower the arms then
– Rub the bare left arm briskly several times with the right palm.
– Repeat this to the right arm with the left palm.
– Then, rub both palms together until they feel hot.
– Separate the hands and feel life current pulsing through both arms and hands

Visualize the Earth floating between your hands.





– Gently move your hands in space over the earth & chant Om to fill the Earth aura with Harmony and Light
– Chant Om & send divine healing to all waters, glaciers, and icecaps
– Chant Om & send divine healing to all forests, plants, & creatures
– Chant Om & send divine healing throughout the atmosphere and air
Envision the Planet as Vibrant, Healthy, and Happy.

Drop the arms, rub the palms again to renew the sense of energy flow then raise the palms up once more and resume directing energy…

5.) For Social Healing

– Chant Om & send divine healing to races
– Chant Om & send divine healing to all nations
– Chant Om & send divine healing to all faiths
Envision all Societies Living Together in Love, Light, Cooperative Harmony, & Divine Understanding

When finished, simply stop, give thanks, and ask that Divine Will be done.

These techniques are of genuine value and much needed these days. I sincerely encourage readers to practice them daily, and if so inclined, to share them with others and join together in group practice whenever possible.

God Bless.



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