12 Feb

Feeling Squirrely

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

When we moved away from our old house, I knew that we would miss our little squirrel family: Nadia and Bart, and their kids Buddha and Loco.  We left our squirrel feeder behind so that the new owners would continue to feed the squirrels.  A lot of people find squirrels to be a nuisance, but we don’t have that many of them out here, and we find them to be a great source of entertainment!  We were very happy to make the acquaintance of a squirrel who seems to have settled in our new backyard.  Shiva, as he is now known in our household, is very friendly.  He comes around during mealtimes, doing what he can to get our attention until Greg tosses him a peanut or two, or three.  Shiva doesn’t eat all the nuts, most of the time he buries them for later.  It’s his nature to save for the winter when food is not as plentiful.  Little does he know that our peanuts come in a big bag from the grocery store and we can get them in abundance all year round!  

Many times we human creatures do the same thing; we postpone our satisfaction, saving a nice outfit to wear for a special occasion, or saving a slice of pie for sometime later.  And then what often happens is that when we finally go to wear that nice outfit, we’ve waited too long and it’s out of style, or it doesn’t fit anymore, or we go to eat that pie and it’s gotten stale.  How silly of us, and what a waste.  That is not to say that we must overindulge just that there’s no need to under-indulge.  Life is here to enjoy, and there is plenty of life, just like there are plenty of peanuts, for all of us.

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