16 Nov

Fall Fashion Must-Haves

Brynn McKenry
Brynn McKenry is the host of a syndicated radio show called The Brynn Project designed to help inspire people to feel good from the inside out. Brynn believes that while fashion and beauty are typically what we see on the outside, style also comes from the way we carry ourselves. While trends can vary from person to person, Brynn is constantly looking for new ways to enhance a look.
Brynn McKenry

Fashion is something that can bring
people together. Think about it. Do you have more fun at the mall
when you’re shopping by yourself or with one or two friends and
getting their opinions of different outfits? When we can get the
perspective from someone whether it’s another expert or a loved one
who’s voice means the world to us, we can learn a lot ourselves.

This blog post is a collaborative
effort. For my radio show, I got the chance to sit down and chat
about.  Fall fashion must-haves with fashion expert, Cristina

Cristina’s career began as a
dancer, she even studied dance at NYU, but she also grew up with a
mother who was a showroom model and interior designer and a
grandfather who was a clothing designer. So when she turned 27, it’s
no surprise that Cristina hung up her dance shoes to pursue another
passion…fashion. Since then she has had the fortune of working
with some of Hollywood’s finest including Penelope Cruz and Amy Adams
and most recently she has announced a partnership with QVC.

I’m very excited to share the Fall
fashion must-haves that Cristina and I came up with:

  • Jeans are a great place to
    Every woman, no matter
    what her lifestyle is always looking for a great pair of jeans.
    There certainly is a big trend going on right now with printed
    jeans, whether it’s a brochette ankle jean or a Jacquard slim leg
    jean. These are jeans that are going to add some texture and print
    to your wardrobe. A lot of the prints are done in darker hues which
    are very elongating to the leg and flattering.

  • Colored cords.
    Whether it’s in rich jewel tones like teal, mulberry, or cranberry
    or in great earth tones like slate grey. Colored cords are a nice
    way to break up the regular jean for everyday. They are a great way
    to transition the colored pants and bright colors from summer so
    that you’re wardrobe doesn’t end up filled with the blacks, browns,
    and greys typical for winter. Cords are super comfortable and easy
    to pair with a great ankle boot, loafer, or pump. They are
    definitely a key piece that can mix and match with already existing
    pieces in our closet.

      • If
        you go for an earth tone or a color like oxblood red or poppy
        persimmon, it’s really easy to pair on top with something like a
        print or texture or even a solid chunky sweater.

      • You
        can also try pairing colored cords with a tweed blazer and a
        little camisole underneath.

  • Texture.
    Adding texture in addition to color can give the outfit a little
    more pop and there’s also a new freshness to the style.

  • Color blocking.
    We are seeing a lot of color blocking, and what Cristina and I love
    about that is that it breaks up the monotony of always having dark
    tones up against the face. As women we sometimes forget that there
    are different colors, tones, and shades that are going to flatter
    us. When you have color up against your face, it’s very warming and
    flattering. Then you can even try mixing it with gold/silver
    jewelry or a statement necklace. Color blocking can even show off
    your curves while adding a little pop of color.

      • If
        you’re a little hesitant to try color blocking for the fear of
        looking like an Easter egg, Coldwater Creek has a great color
        blocking sweater. The whole front base is done in jewel tones,
        then around the waist it has a slice of dark grey and the arms and
        back of the sweater are also grey. With this sweater you get the
        curve of the waist and also the richness of purple or another
        jewel tone. It becomes easy to find a pair for the bottom whether
        you choose cords, jeans, or leggings.

  • Prints.
    Cristina and I like adding a print on either the top or the bottom
    and balancing it with something solid or textural on the other part.
    For instance if you choose a printed camisole, you can try pairing
    it with something like a black jean and a black blazer for a nice
    polished look.

  • Make accessories the focal
    Often times this is
    the case, but at the same time most women forget that just by taking
    a simple printed scarf and tying it around their neck or even to the
    arms of their handbag or even through their belt loops, it adds a
    pop of color, sophistication, and a little bit of flare.

  • Play with lengths.
    Every season boots make a big splash and a great pairing with boots
    can be a skirt. We are going to see a nice trend where people will
    play with the length of the skirts like boots skirts. Boot skirts
    are A-line on the bottom and pair very well with boots.

matter which trend you choose to embrace, remember that fashion
should be a seamless flow. What you want to do is choose your focal
point and where you want the solid to be. Don’t feel like you have
to mix and match. If it’s meant to go together, it will flow

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