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Exciting Date Ideas for Charity

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey


Guest blog by Daniella Jones

Date night is always something married couples to look forward to, and making them different each time will keep you and your partner on your toes, though it does require lots of creative thought. To change things up a bit, why not try adding a twist to your usual dates and make them revolve around something charitable. That way you’re spending quality time together while giving back to the community.

Here are some suggestions for your next date:

Volunteer at an animal shelter

If you and your spouse are animal lovers, this is the perfect date for you. Although pegged as the cheaper version of a date at a zoo or aquarium, an animal shelter date is a great way to hang out with the one you love, make a positive contribution to society, all the while playing with adorable pets. Relationship therapist Vanessa Marin explains that when you donate your time to a cause you are both passionate about, you’ll bond on a different level and remind yourself “what’s really important when picking the right mate: their heart.” And who knows, maybe you’ll get to bring home a new member of the family after the date.

Build a home with Habitat for Humanity in or near your city

You’ve already built your home with your significant other, so why not help a needy family with theirs? This is another amazing team building exercise for your marriage which also positively impacts the lives of other parents and children, giving you as the volunteers and the underprivileged family a new perspective and chance at life.

Organize a bake sale

Who says that bake sales are just for kids? Spending time with your significant other in the kitchen is a fun and romantic way to build your relationship. According to Simple Marriage, cooking or baking together promotes teamwork and will form a new connection over acquiring new skills. It’ll be a learning and teaching opportunity at the same time. Plus, studies indicate that couples that cook and bake in the kitchen together are happier than those that don’t because it allows the two of you to be creative together, connect on an intimate level, and further strengthen the relationship. This will increase your confidence in each other, which will help you both become more affectionate towards one another.

After making an assortment of baked goods, invite friends, family, and neighbors over for a charitable tea party where they can purchase the treats that you made. Proceeds can go toward the charity you both agree on.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen

Another way to give back while getting another opportunity to be in the kitchen together is by volunteering at a soup kitchen. Although most people will say that the soup kitchen is a great idea for the first date, it also works well for married couples as it helps them get to know each other all over again, while giving back to the community. After years of being together, schedules can get hectic stressful, but this volunteering opportunity will help you take a step back and see what really matters in life. Also, seeing your spouse interact and be kind to the homeless can remind you of why you fell in love in the first place.

Set up a miniature charity dinner for couples

Dinner parties are a fun way of gathering the ones you love together and are equally satisfying for the host and the guests. Authors of Re-energize Your Relationship say that it allows the two of you to be supportive, loving, creative, kind, and loving to one another while showing the world the kind of couple that you are. And by hosting a charity dinner, you’re showing everyone that you care about global issues. To give your dinner party the charitable edge, sell tickets for a fancy three-course meal at your home and let them know that the money will go towards a good cause.

If lots of your friends have kids, it might be a good idea to donate to a children’s charity. Nonprofits such as UnaKids, an organization that funds the education for children in war-torn countries, only ask for as little as one euro a day to make their mission possible. In addition to the money from the tickets, you can also accept donations throughout the dinner event.

Have any other charitable ideas for date night? Feel free to comment below!

Author Bio

Daniella Jones is a loving mother of twin boys living with her husband Henry in Seattle. She is a stay-at-home mom that is passionate about charity. In her spare time, she volunteers at the local animal shelter with her sons, and absolutely loves dressing up for charity balls with Henry.

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