13 Jul

Every Day Angels

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Growing up I used to wear a peace sign necklace. Then it was a smiley-face button. If we had a symbol for the 80’s, it must have been the dollar sign. Now in the 90’s, the motif of the moment is the angel.

Angels are everywhere: coffee mugs, calendars, greeting cards and garden tools. Little golden angel pins are perched on lapels and shoulders proudly heralding their popularity. There are countless books written about them, a hit TV show and several big budget movies with the angel theme.

Who can resist these beautiful creatures who represent only goodness and light? I started to think about my own angel collection. I’ve got an angel candle stick holder that is precious to me because it was a birthday gift from a good friend. I’ve got a pin that all of our community group members each received for being “such angels.” Although these angels things seem to be all around us like some sort of retail blitz, they serve as a reminder of the real angels in our lives every day.

The angel mom who stays up all night cutting out colorful shapes for the kindergarten art project. The angel friend who drives carpool so you can sleep in when you’ve got a cold. The angel neighbor who feeds your cat while you’re away. The angel mailman who comes to the door with a package on a rainy day. The angel child who hugs you and warms your heart when you didn’t even realize it needed warming.

Albert Einstein said: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as if everything is.” Are we going to argue with Albert Einstein? These little angels in the stores are just showing us to open our eyes and recognize the angels all around us all the time. And maybe they’re also telling us to follow their example and be an angel as well. Their quiet message lifts our spirits and renews our faith.

There is a significant meaning behind the peace sign that seemed to get forgotten as the symbol became so saturated in our culture. Angels are too important and too pervasive to have their meaning get lost. Although angels have always been around us, now we are noticing them more, and honoring their presence in our lives.

So, as you sip your tea from your angel mug, think of all the angels that breeze through your day. Your joyful thoughts will be carried on angels wings to help make this world a better place for angels everywhere.

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