31 Aug

Dosha Strategies

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

When we get out of balance, it is usually because we have too much of our lead dosha in our system.  If we know what our dosha is, then we can prepare for these times, and use strategies to bring us back into a state of balance and bliss.

-Vata: When out of balance, Vata can have anxiety, and worry.  To avoid this, Vatas need to meditate regularly, get plenty of rest, and do the daily abhyanga.  If imbalance arises anyway, because of stress, or a change in routine, drink some warm, sweet tea.  Keep the hands, feet, and ears warm, and take deep, slow breaths to get grounded.

-Pitta: When out of balance, Pitta can angry.  Keep some rose essential oil nearby, as rose is most balancing for Pitta.  It is important for Pitta to maintain a regular meal schedule, so make sure there is a snack nearby if there is any danger of missing a meal. 

-Kapha: When out of balance, Kapha can get lethargic, depressed or lazy.  Kaphas need to wake up early, and exercise regularly.  They thrive on stimulation.  If Kapha is feeling out of sorts, get them up and moving.  Social activity is also good for invigorating Kapha.

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