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Dosha Design

Dosha Design is a powerful process that blends ancient wisdom with modern style using the Indian science of placement, Vastu, upon which Feng Shui is based. Lissa Coffey of Dosha Design will help you create an atmosphere that attracts positive influences on finances, health, relationships, and career.

Dosha Design is a holistic approach to design.  Our environment is a reflection of what is going on within us.  We can make changes to our environment that will influence different areas of our lives.  It’s about decorating our homes, but also designing our lives!  Dosha Design lets you express who you are and creates a space in which you love to be.

Whether it is using the furniture and accessories you already have around your home, starting from scratch with a complete remodel, or anything in between, Dosha Design will “make over” your space just for you.  You will love the way it looks, and more importantly, you’ll love the way it feels.

What’s a “Dosha?”

Loosely translated from Sanskrit, “Dosha” means “that which is responsible.”  In Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old “Science of Life” from India, your Dosha is your mind/body type.

Why Dosha Design?
Because your dosha is your style!

There are three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.  Each of us is made up of a unique combination of the five elements, and our dominant dosha tells us which elements are responsible for our individual “style.”


  • Vata is made up of Air and Space.
  • Pitta is made up of Fire and Water.
  • Kapha is made up of Water and Earth.



  • Make-overs for one room or the whole house, office or outdoor area
  • Consultations for Major Remodels
  • Energy clearing
  • Home altars to attract positive influences on health, finances, relationships, and career

We’ll help you choose:

  • colors
  • paint
  • fabric
  • floor coverings
  • cabinetry
  • hardware
  • furniture and placement
  • linens
  • accessories
  • appliances
  • plumbing fixtures
  • light fixtures
  • window treatments
  • housewares
  • artwork
  • whatever you need!

Fee structure:

  • initial 1 hour consultation
  • hourly rate
  • daily rate
  • per project rate

Contact us for rates


Enhance Your New Environment

Start with a beautiful beginning by cleansing the energy of your new space so that it is fresh and clear. Based on your needs and lifestyle, Lissa makes recommendations for layout and design, color, furniture placement, accessories and more. Your home or office will be balanced and aligned with the forces of nature to attract harmony and success.


Sell Quickly for Top Dollar

It’s more than staging, it’s using nature’s beneficial energies to bring success to the sale of your home or office building. Lissa makes recommendations for ways to maximize the beauty, efficiency and prosperity of the space. These subtle changes shift the energy in the environment to make it more inviting and irresistible to buyers.



Here’s what Dosha Design customers have to say:


“I was planning a graduation party for my daughter and realized how dated and unfashionable my condo living room/dining area looked. I was in a panic–my daughter was inviting friends, family and even my former fiance! I called Lissa and she came over right away. I told her I wanted my antique rug to be the focal point and only had a very small budget to work with. She swept into action. Within one week the place was transformed. And all for under $1000. My place went from ugly to elegant. I get compliments from everyone who comes to my house. I’m now saving up for the bedroom.”

-M. Hughes, Thousand Oaks, CA

I couldn’t have done it without you! I am so thrilled with the way you designed my “great” room. It is so cozy and inviting and snuggling up in there evokes a warm peacefulness in me. Thanks again.

Corienne Cotter, Agoura Hills, CA

My new apartment really needed work. Lissa knew just what to do. She transformed my place into a home. It’s so beautiful, and so comfortable! The best part is that my life was transformed as well. Just a few months later and I’m in a wonderful relationship and starting an exciting new career. I couldn’t be happier – Lissa is an amazing designer!

-L. Leimbach

Lissa intuitively adjusts her decorating style to the style of each of her clients. In addition to my home, which fits my style perfectly, I’ve visted the homes of her other clients. These other homes were each decorated magnificently, yet each had a different style, perfectly suited to the tastes and personalities of their owners. I’m a completely satisfied customer and would recommend Lissa’s services without hesitation.

-Dorianne Lockard

Lissa is blessed with Spiritual creative skills. She truly has an incredible
sense/eye for color, balance and beauty. Thanks to Lissa’s vision, our church sanctuary is now vibrant and warm and welcoming. We love it!

-Rev. Pam Geagan