22 Jul

Dosha Design tips!

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

1.  De-clutter!  You will feel much more comfortable, and your guests will feel much more at ease, in a room that is clean and clear.  This means basically:  put the “stuff” away!  Invest in a closer organizer and use it.  For good Feng Shui, keep closet doors closed.

2.  Think of a purpose for each room.  A living room is for living, socializing, entertaining.  Make sure you have the space set up for that.  Set aside areas for conversation, with tables nearby for drinks and snacks.  For maximum efficiency and comfort, a coffee table should be placed 18 inches from the couch or chair.

3.  Use color.  A well designed room will have one or two dominant colors and an accent color.  A room with too many colors will be confusing and make you feel unsettled.  A monochromatic room will feel dull and boring.

4.  Use artwork.  Artwork adds a lot of color and personality to a room.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive!  You can frame a favorite poster, or create your own masterpiece with canvas and paint.

5.  Plants add a lot of life to the room.  Live plants are great because they help to keep the air fresh.  But if you’re prone to killing plants, you might choose the ease of a silk plant or flower arrangement instead.  When it gets dusty, simply rinse off and allow to dry in the sun.

6.  Keep framed photos of friends and family.  This helps to remind us of what is important in life, our relationships!  A group of pictures displayed on a table makes for a great conversation piece.  Choose complementary, rather than matching, frames to add visual interest.

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