16 Jul

Detox & Disconnect at the Four Seasons!

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Detox and Disconnect – the Taste of Wellness Package at the Four Seasons Hotel in Westlake Village, California.

Sometimes you’ve just gotta get away. You know? Life can’t just be all about sitting at a computer and making phone calls. But now that we carry our technology with us we can’t really go anywhere and leave the world behind. Even if we’re “off the grid” we’re still stressing about what we’re missing, or should be doing. Except there is one place that helps you put “you” and your health first… and I found it!

The California Health and Longevity Institute at the Four Seasons Hotel is an oasis of first class healthy fabulousness. Yes, that’s a word, and there’s no other word to properly describe this place.

There is everything under the sun at CHLI to help you take care of you in style. You can get anything from a full comprehensive physical, your teeth cleaned, a mammogram, and a massage. You can take cooking lessons in the Wellness Kitchen, or partake in one of the fun “Wine Wednesday” tastings with a variety of wine and food to sample. You can hang out for fitness classes or yoga, or enjoy any of the amazing amenities at the hotel, including the beautiful garden.

To give you a sample of all they have to offer, The Four Seasons Westlake and the CHLI have just launched a program called “Taste of Wellness.” If you just want to spend a few hours getting away and focusing on yourself for a bit – this is for you! Sounds like a great idea to me, so I gave it a try – and here’s my report:

I chose the “Detox and Disconnect” package. The title alone had me intrigued… I definitely need to do both of those things! And don’t we all? I have a healthy diet and lifestyle, but I could really use a detox from all the stresses that have built up. Those things get into your cells and weight a person down. And disconnect? Of course. But possible? Let’s see.

The day started off at noon at the beautiful lobby restaurant. Everything on the menu looks yummy and health, with the healthiest options highlighted to help with your selection. I modified the vegan salad that is made of quinoa and greens – they are very accommodating at the restaurant – and it was absolutely delicious!

Next up, I had a “life strategies” consultation with Dr. Ilana Kukoff. Wonderful conversation with a smart and savvy woman, and I came out smiling and empowered with new ideas and possibilities.

Then, off to the spa where I changed into a comfy robe and slippers and put everything else in my locker. Yep, phone went in there, too! The spa is the most gorgeous spa I’ve been to – and I have been to many spas in my time. There are orchids everywhere – absolutely breathtaking! I spent a few minutes enjoying the “Tranquility Room” before my next appointment with the “SomaDome.”

The SomaDome is really a meditative experience. It looks like an egg shaped, sci-fi lounge chair. You sit inside, pull down the top, and choose a meditation from a number of menu items like “love,” “heal,” “manifest,” and more. Headphones on, a combination of music, sound, and words guide you into a deeply relaxed state. A fan pipes in wonderful oxygenated air whenever you want it. And color light therapy adds to the multi-sensory experience. The whole thing lasted about 20 minutes, but I could have stayed there for hours!

Fully relaxed I was now ready for the “Detox Body Wrap.” Massage Therapist Theresa met me in the Tranquility Room and escorted me over the red bridge into a lovely massage room, complete with a private marble shower. Part I: Full Body Exfoliation with a sugar-ginger-lime scrub that smells so good it could be in a cocktail! Ginger-tini, anyone? There’s definitely some aromatherapy going on with this intoxicating fragrance. Once thoroughly scrubbed I was told to shower off, towel off, and then suit up!

The “suit” in question is a thin white plastic-y material that fits neck to toe, super baggy, and zips up the front. Feet are fully covered, but hands are free. Once zipped up, you get tucked in to a super heated sleeping bag-like blanket to comfortable sweat it out.

While you’re laying there, your body blissfully releasing all those nasty toxins, your friendly massage therapist indulges you in a collagen facial. Yes, please, do take those years off my face! And if that’s not enough, you also get a head and neck massage. Ahhhhh, deep sigh of contentment. I didn’t want to get up off that table. But alas, I was only in for the 50-minute session. There is an optional 80-minute session – I will do that one next time for sure!

While at the spa you can soak in the whirlpool, spend time in the sauna or relax in the steam room. You’re encouraged to take your time and enjoy the amenities. When you’re there, look for me, I’ll definitely be back!

For more details on all the terrific Wellness Packages available at the Four Seasons Westlake Village: www.fourseasons.com/westlakevillage/wellness

To check out all the offerings at the California Health and Longevity Institute:


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