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Carolyn Stonecloud-Bearde
I was born in the middle of America. My mother was of Cherokee descent and my father, a flaming Irishman. I can remember always “knowing” things, even as child. It was confusing for me, because I found that many things around me just didn’t seem to “fit”. I would frequently find myself wondering why my parents did or believed certain things.

When I was 3 1/2 years old we lived on the island of Adak for about a year and a half. At the time, Adak was a Navy island located in the Aleutian chain off the coast of Alaska. It’s truly the middle of nowhere, about 700-800 miles from the tip of Russia. It’s wet, cold, strange and mysterious and the earth quakes up to 14 times a week. Its silence is deafening. It’s a place where you can see forever. I believe that my inner soul began its journey on that island.

My early years were fraught with insecurity and wandering, trying to find the real me along with deeper more important connections that I knew had to be there. What a very long journey that has been.

Those insecure years made me search for more answers. There is an answer for everything in the Universe. It may take time to find it, but it is there.

Through study and meditation I began to realize that my inner self had been trying to break through all my life. The weird feelings, tremendous uneasiness and anxiety began to speak to me instead of torture me. The relief was immeasurable. I knew I had to find a way to take my discovery out to those who sought the relief I had found. There are so many of us out there. So I began to teach what I call an Inner Development Series. I love it. I’ve seen people grow by leaps and bounds as a result of a little bit of trust and effort.

My bottomless love of music led me to major in that subject in college. Music always has and always will nurture and feed me. I create and use tones that I feel are healing and soothing in my audio meditations. I offer the meditations as my gift here.

It took me many years to realize that I had a gift in the area of clairvoyance. It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I began to pay particular attention to that. Even then it was a friend that clued me in to my gift.

I’ve spent the last 30 years as a professional Clairvoyant. I’ve consulted with people of all walks of life, including Doctors, Corporate Executives, Lawyers, Teachers, Film & Television Producers, Actors, Housewives and Entrepreneurs etc.

I formed a very unique group of Sensitives that work from time to time on missing children’s cases and was on the board of directors for the United Sensitives of America. But I get the most gratification teaching others to find that “thing” inside of them that knows the truth, and knows what to do in any given situation. It changes everything for them as it did for me.

For decades I was a single mother. Raising my son and daughter has been the greatest privilege of my entire life.

Later in life, I met and married the man of my dreams...my true soul mate. He was a creative genius, an Emmy winner and prolific writer and producer of some of the world’s most successful and beloved television shows.

Suddenly and unexpectedly my precious soul mate died in my arms on April 23, 2017 and my world crashed like a meteor striking earth at epic speed.

I am a spiritual seeker. My beloved Chris was a spiritual seeker. I know that the pain of losing him couldn’t be so cutting if the life we were given together hadn’t be so amazing. So I have to know how blessed I was to have him here with me. He visits me often. Our love and relationship continues.

I believe that we are all blessed with the ability to “know”. I also believe we are here to love and support one another, and to learn from one another.

My life took a very big turn when I decided to use my inner gifts publicly.
Carolyn Stonecloud-Bearde

“He makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to stand on the heights.”

~Psalms 18:33








Many religious and philosophical traditions honor innocence and virtue of the deer.

The antlers are a feature that has made the deer a specimen of spiritual superiority. Like a fine crown the antlers bring the deer closer to the sky making it sacred. Because the antlers fall of and grow back deer is considered a great symbol of regeneration.



CHRISTIAN TRADITION: For Christians the deer is a symbol of piety, devotion and God taking care of his children. The legend of Saint Eustace tells of the Roman general who was out hunting and came across an enormous and beautiful deer.  When he looked into the eyes of the magnificent creature, the light of Christ shone bright and the voice of God spoke to him through them. He gave up hunting and became a devoted Christian, honoring all of God’s creation.






BUDDHIST TRADITION: Buddhists associate the deer with happiness, peace, harmony and longevity. In one of his former lives the Buddha was a golden deer that spoke to men. Accordingly deer by nature are timid and serene creatures and the presence represents the purity of a kingdom and people without fear.







CELTIC TRADITION: The Celts have two aspects for deer, the female…a red deer. She symbolizes femininity, gentleness and tremendous grace. It is said that the deer would often tune into women to avoid being hunter and killed.

Then there is Damh, the masculine element of deer. Damh represents independence, pride and purification. The stag king of the forest and the protector of all other creatures.







WIXARITARIE TRADTION:These inhabitants of central Mexico also recognize the great benefit of deer energies. The deer is the first Shaman who eventually becomes the interlocutor between shamans and other gods. Deer is very closely linked to two plants, its heart is a peyote and corn which is represented by the antlers. The deer is so important to the Wixaritarie that its reproductive cycle is connected to their ritual calendar.





Native Americans see the deer as a messenger. Deer is an animal of power and a totem that represents sensitivity, intuition, grace and gentleness.

The Cherokees have a legendary story that tells how deer obtained its antlers by winning a race with a rabbit. All the animals of the forest wanted to know which of the two was the fastest. The rabbit cheated before the race so through honor, grace and perseverance the deer won its antlers.

All the animals of the forest wanted to know which of the two was the fastest. The rabbit cheated before the race so through honor, grace and perseverance the deer won its antlers.


The deer inspires all who encounter it. We all marvel at the magnificent grace and breathtaking beauty of the deer. Its agility is awe-inspiring. It seems to move with such quiet poise.

When we begin to get the symbols in life as it churns around us, we can invoke those waves of energy to benefit us and create magic in our own lives. These are the tools we can use for our inner development. They are the spiritual hammer and nails that can build on the inside what we want to see and have on the outside.

If you are so inclined, take a few minutes to look into the eyes of the deer. Feel the power in the gentle, giving and sacred being of this most stunning creature.



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