07 Feb

Commentary on Meditation

Alan Pritz
Rev. Alan Pritz, Interfaith Minister and spiritual disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, has trained in and taught inner sciences for 40+ years. Author of award-winning book, Meditation as a Way of Life: Philosophy and Practice (Quest: 2014), his private practice in Minneapolis, MN, Awake In Life, provides meditation instruction and spiritual counseling-coaching for individuals, couples, and corporations. To learn more see: www.Awake-in-Life.com.
Alan Pritz

Meditation is my thing, plain and simple; teaching it, my ‘Calling.’ Fortunately I’ve been trained in a tradition empowered by an unparalleled lineage and body of wisdom. For years I’ve been steeped in these inner sciences and dedicated myself to helping people understand the deep significance and relevance of these matters. Fortunately, people in general are gradually beginning to “get” it. Yet, despite the steady proliferation of meditative activities, such skills are frequently diluted through Western filters of commercialism, religious skittishness, and metaphysical ignorance. For the record, I understand that ‘baby steps’ are better than none at all. However, I need to give voice to one of my premier ‘soap box’ subjects: Meditation is a sacred, spiritual practice, not a tool meant to induce calm, enhance creativity, promote health, or provide social / commercial benefits via mindful breath awareness. The latter is trendy poppycock hijacked from venerable methods that were originally developed and refined millennia ago to reveal Essential Being. Again, meditation is not a non-theistic band-aid to make people more centered and functional for worldly pursuits. It is an ancient spiritual science intended to reunite soul to Spirit. How? By reversing the flow of life force and consciousness from worldly engagement and redirecting it to the subtle centers of higher perception that free soul consciousness from bodily identification and facilitate its re-union with Source / Spirit.

‘Seeking the Kingdom’ within is not outdated verbiage but the essence of meditation. The ‘Kingdom’ refers to Divine Consciousness latent in the soul, a quality realized solely by experience, not intellect. Yet why is this is even important? Because we are all prodigal exiles in search of Home. Nothing material will ever satisfy the spiritual nature of what we truly are. Unfortunately, the fulfillment we seek is derailed by sensory-based change-intoxicated quests that manifest as pursuits of name, fame, power or drugs, sex, and rock n’roll. The truth is these are fools gold misdirection. The lasting happiness everyone seeks, consciously or unconsciously, can only be found in that which is Eternal, i.e. direct communion and union with the Divine. And while there are different meditative methods available to achieve this end, all must ultimately follow the same energetic pathways that lead consciousness to its Source. Bottom Line: The reason every great spiritual Master has come and taught about higher realities, plus how to attain them, is because such things are real. So too is the truth that “Ye too are Gods.” Yet, despite the harvest being plenteous, the laborers – those willing to do the work – are indeed few. ‘Home’ or Divine Unity exists but we must do our part to realize it or, rather, awaken from the delusive sleep that keeps us feeling separate. That is why meditation is so important: It is the key to lasting happiness. Meditation lets people experience the Eternal directly and gradually wean themselves from the lie of material allures. This is what meditation is meant for, not the cursory by-products so often touted in mainstream venues. Awake! The joy, completeness, and fulfillment everyone seeks is within. Meditation is the way to achieve it. So, meditate!

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