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Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Chanting is an ancient practice that embraces the power of sound, voice, and music to bring joy into our lives.  In Vedic culture, there are group mantra chanting rituals, called Kirtans, for many different purposes.  The ancient art of chanting can be found in several of the world’s great religious traditions as a path to healing and enlightenment.  And now scientific studies are showing the therapeutic effects that this has on the mind and body.  The science of sound looks at how sound affects our physical body and our consciousness. There is a rich history and myriad uses of chant that comes from the wisdom of sound healers, monks, priests, rabbis, and shamans from around the world.  Many chants are an oral tradition, and we have to play or sing by ear.  I find that having chanting music on in the background while I work helps me to both relax and concentrate.

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