12 Feb

Celebrating Cereal

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

I read an article recently about a new restaurant near the University of Pennsylvania called “Cereality.” This is one of those times when I say to myself: “I should have thought of that!” It’s an interesting concept.  On the menu are various name brand cereals.  They’re served up in take-out boxes like you get with Chinese food.  You can mix cereals, and you can get additional toppings, like bananas, or even chocolate chips, depending upon what you fancy at the time!  The servers are dressed up in pajamas, and there is a milk bar where you can choose your own low-fat, no-fat, chocolate or soy variety.  The owners are pleased that the neighborhood, and especially the students, have taken so well to Cereality that they’re planning on opening up several more stores near college campuses.

I think this is great!  Cereal is simple, and comforting.  We all have memories of our mornings with Tony the Tiger or the Trix Rabbit.  If coffee can be high-concept and the economy can support a Starbucks on every corner, I think Cereality will do very well.  I’m rooting for them!

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