31 Aug

Ayurvedic Weight and Cravings

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

A big part of controlling our weight is controlling our cravings.  We have these cravings and we want to eat, and that’s when we often overeat, and then gain weight.  Our cravings can be a factor of an imbalance in our doshas.  When we discover the imbalance, we can work on that, reducing the cravings and feeling better all around.

-The craving for comfort foods indicates a Vata imbalance.  Comfort foods are sweet, creamy, carbohydrate-heavy foods.  This is really a signal that our body wants something warm, nurturing, calming or grounding to balance out an excess of Vata.  We can achieve this with Vata pacifying techniques: drink Tulsi Red Mango tea, use aromatherapy (vanilla, orange), hug a friend, listen to your favorite music.

-The craving for salty foods indicates a Pitta imbalance.  We crave salty foods like chips, pretzels and nuts, when we feel frustrated, angry, excited or annoyed.  To balance out Pitta, drink Tulsi Sweet Rose tea, use aromatherapy (sandalwood, mint), walk in the moonlight, look at beautiful landscaping or artwork.

-The craving for caffeine, or chocolate, indicates a Kapha imbalance.  Kaphas need something stimulating to overcome feelings of lethargy or depression.  Instead of downing coffee, cola or candy bars, implement some Kapha pacifying techniques: drink Tulsi Lemon Ginger tea, use aromatherapy (spicy scents like rosemary and clove), dance around to some lively music.

Tulsi Red Mango, Tulsi Sweet Rose and Tulsi Lemon Ginger teas are all available from Organic India.  They can be made either hot or iced.

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