31 Aug

Ayurvedic Head Massage

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

According to Ayurveda, massage can help us looking and feeling both youthful and healthy.  It gives a beautiful luster to the skin, and tones and relaxes the muscle tissue.  Massage improves circulation and thus increases body heat.  It also helps the body to release toxins and removes stiffness from the joints, improving nerve supply to the organs and all parts of the body.  Massage can improve our concentration, increase our stamina, and make us feel more active and energetic.  Ayurveda recommends we do a self-massage (abhyanga) every day.  And when we can, it is also beneficial for us to have a head and neck massage, too.  Here are some tips to get started:

-Pour warm oil on the point that is on a central hair parting, eight finger widths above the eyebrows.

-Massage the oil down both sides of the scalp towards the ears.

-Pour oil on the central crown point, three finger widths behind the crown chakra point.

-Massage the oil onto the scalp towards the ears.

-Tilt the head forward, pour oil onto the back of the skull at the top of the neck.

-Massage the oil along the sides of the scalp towards the back of the ears.

-Use both fistst to gently tape the head all over.  This stimulates both the circulatory and the nervous system.

-Gently pull some tufts of hair from the roots to relieve muscle tension that keeps the head feeling tight.

-A clockwise motion is recommended for massage as it releases tension.

-Using four fingers, stroke up the back of the neck.  Use the right hand for the left side of the neck and the left hand for the right side of the neck.

-Use down strokes on the front of the neck.  Do not put pressure on the windpipe.

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