31 Aug

Ayurvedic Foot Care

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Ayurveda says that it is good for us to give our feet as much air as possible.  Shoes trap energy around the feet and can make you feel more tired.  It is also believed that shoes collect negativity, which is why they are never worn in Indian temples.  Feel free to walk around your house barefoot.  A foot massage is truly lovely and quite beneficial, yet bathing the feet can also help to refresh the body.  There are a variety of foot soaks to help relieve and invigorate the feet.  Use a small tub or a bowl large enough to that you can fill it with water to cover up to the ankles.

-For Sweaty Feet: fill the bowl with warm water, and add 6 drops each of lavender, sage, juniper and cypress essential oils.  To help deodorize, add some rock salt and bay leaf to the mix.

-For Tired Feet: use the essential oils of juniper, rosemary, and lavender in your foot bath.

-To Calm and Cool the system: use the essential oil of sandalwood in your cool water foot bath.

-For a Head Cold: add ginger (either fresh grated or ginger essential oil) or mustard powder to a hot foot bath.  Leave your feet in until they turn red, then put on warm socks.  This warms the whole body and helps to drain mucus and congestion from the head.

-For a Restful Sleep: Massage the feet with warm sesame oil or ghee.  Then soak the feet in a hot herbal foot bath with warming spices such as ginger.



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