31 Aug

Ayurvedic Color Therapy

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Colors can have a powerful effect on our moods.  They can energize, inspire, calm or heal.  Each color vibrates to a different frequency, and we can use this generated energy to our advantage.  Red is hot, dense, and powerful.  Red is stimulating and balancing to Kapha, but it can aggravate both Pitt and Vata.  Blue is cooling, and soothing.  It is much too mellow for Kapha, but it wonderfully balances Pitta.  Yellow, which is warm, but much less intense than red, is great for balancing Vata.  Using ayurvedic color therapy, we can choose clothes to wear to balance our dosha and brighten our mood.  Think about how you’re feeling in the morning before you get dressed, and keep in mind that the colors around you will influence your mood.

-Vata: Favor warm, muted, calming colors (yellows, oranges, greens, deep purple), avoid bright red and black.

-Pitta: Favor cool, soft colors (white, blues, greens, pastels), avoid bright colors and dark colors.

-Kapha:  Favor warm, stimulating, bright and light colors (red, orange, yellow), avoid soft, muted colors like pink, white, blue.

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