31 Aug

Ayurveda and Heart Health

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Ayurveda says that heart health is best approached holistically.  It gives us specific recommendations for how to do that.  First of all, eat heart-friendly foods.  Include more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Stewed apples or pears are a great way to start the day with breakfast.  Blanched almonds that have been soaked overnight are also really good to include in the mix.  Avoid processed foods, and leftovers, and instead each fresh foods.  Choose light foods over food that is rich, or has been deep-fried.  And eat food that is warm and cooked rather than food that is cold and heavy.  How you eat is also important.  Eat moderate portions, and don’t skip meals.  Make lunch the largest meal of the day, and don’t eat late at night.  Exercise moderately, on a regular basis.  Ayurveda recommends an early morning 30 minute walk daily for everyone.  A walk helps the heart, and also your circulation and metabolism.  Sleep is also key to a healthy heart.  Get to bed by 10 pm, and keep the bedroom free from distractions like computers, television, and work material.

According to Ayurveda, maintaining a healthy heart has an emotional component that involves letting go of fear, anxiety and other repressed emotions. Heart Formula from Banyan Botanicals, taken in conjunction with the practice of yoga and meditation, may help release these emotions while calming and soothing the heart. Its main ingredient, arjuna, is a powerful rejuvenative that has been used as an all-around heart tonic for hundreds of years. It is said to impart courage and strengthen the will, while encouraging us to follow our hearts.

Banyan Botanicals Heart Formula


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