31 Aug


Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Here in the northern Hemisphere, April showers have brought May flowers – and along with them, some seasonal allergies.  Ayurveda says that in the springtime, when the weather starts to get warmer, toxins in the body “melt” and can clog up our overwhelmed system that is trying to deal with the pollen, dust, and mold in the air.  The good news is that the body has its own natural defense against allergens, and that we can help boost up these defenses so that we can face the season strong.  Here are some tips:

-Add allergy-fighting spices to your diet.  Turmeric, sage, red pepper, cumin, and coriander are all know to help with allergies.

-Keep digestion strong.  Choose fresh foods, rather than packaged, canned, or leftover foods.  Drink warm water throughout the day – avoid iced and carbonated beverages.

-Follow the Kapha balancing diet, avoid dairy products, and fried foods.

-Wherever possible, use hard flooring rather than rugs or carpets in your home.  Hard flooring is easier to clean and doesn’t collect as much dust.

-Keep windows closed during pollen season.  Change clothes after spending time outside.

-Use a Neti pot to soothe dry nasal passages and rinse away dust, pollen and other irritants.

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