04 Jan


Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Grade: C+

Alfie is billed as a romantic comedy, and while it does have its romantic, and funny, moments, overall it’s just kind of a sad portrait of a contemporary man who can’t seem to get his life together.

Jude Law is Alfie – a confident, self-assured Manhattanite who wants more out of life but doesn’t know how to get it. Like many in his situation, he keeps repeating his behaviors and is disappointed when circumstances don’t change. Jude Law is charming in the role, especially when he addresses the camera, and we quickly feel like we know him. And maybe we do, we each probably have an Alfie somewhere in our lives.

Marisa Tomei as one of Alfie’s lady loves is luminescent. I love this actress, always have. Her scenes are the most real, the most heartfelt in the film. Susan Sarandon looks amazing – sexy as ever. She eats up this role and it’s clear she’s having a good time with it. Perfect casting!

This is a remake of the earlier film, and has been updated for current times. But how much do things really change? There are likely many “Alfie’s” out there, which makes this a poignant commentary on single life in the big city today.

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