04 Jan


Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Grade: D

Sorry, but this much-anticipated epic movie is a big flop. The sets are spectacular, the costumes and make-up are absolutely gorgeous, the cinematography is amazing. But it’s all frosting and no cake. Gotta give Oliver Stone props for attempting such an ambitious project, you can clearly see all the money spent on the screen. And the little kid they found to play Alexander as a child looks SO much like Colin Farrell as a kid – it was really remarkable. I think that kid was the best actor in the bunch.

Colin Farrell, just couldn’t buy him as Alexander the Great. Especially in scenes where he has to emote – painful to watch. And Angelina Jolie, whom I usually adore, comes off like some kind of Morticia Adams with a gypsy accent. Did Alexander’s mom really collect and play with pet snakes? It was just so gimmicky it was hard to swallow.

I was hoping this would bring some light to history. My son Brian has been studying this whole era. But after reading his text books and sitting through this 3-hour movie, I’m still perplexed. Anthony Hopkins comes in every once in awhile as one of Alexander’s old buddies to give some exposition, but instead of clarifying things, it just slows down the pace. I was looking at my watch every twenty minutes. Not a good sign.

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