31 Aug

A Rose is a Rose

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

And yet, each different color of rose has its own special message.

-Red roses mean true love.  According to Greek mythology, when Aphrodite, the goddess of love, rushed to the aid of her beloved Adonis, she scratched herself on the thorn of a white rose.  The rose stained the rose red, and it has signified romantic love since that time.

-White roses mean respect.  White represents purity and innocence.  Folklore has it that all roses were white until they were stained with color.

-Pink roses mean appreciation.  Pink represents platonic love.  The light pink indicates gentleness and elegance, and the darker shades signify gratitude.

-Orange roses mean passion.  Orange unites the joy of yellow with the romance of red, which, like fire, signifies burning desire.

-Yellow roses mean friendship.  Like sunshine, yellow is cheerful and warm, it brings joy and happiness.

-Lavender means new beginnings.  This could be the new start of a romantic relationship.  They also signify that the recipient is rare, and special.

-Red-and-white roses mean unification.  This is called the Tudor Rose, and it was created by Henry VII, who ended the conflict between the Yorks (whose symbol was the white rose) and the Lancasters (whose symbol was the red rose).  This combination colored rose symbolically joins the two colors, and families, together.

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