12 Feb

Making Space

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

Lissa Coffey

My step-daughter is coming to visit us this month, so I’ve been busy getting the guest room ready for her.  The “guest room”used to be Freddy’s room, but since he’s going off to college now it seems to have taken on a new purpose.    While Freddy’s been away, Greg and Brian and I have all kind of used the extra space for storage, and it is amazing how much stuff we accumulate!  It has felt really good to just go through and sort out and give away so much of what we really don’t need to hang onto.  More breathing room is an important concept in both Feng Shui, and Vastu.  Clutter in our living space creates clutter in our mind.  When it’s cleaned up we can think more clearly, and function more efficiently.

Now I’m on a roll!  I plan to tackle the closets, the cupboards, the drawers, any space that needs clearing.  The big question is how long this stepped-up state of organization will last in my hectic household.  I can see myself going through this same process all over again when Brian goes to college!

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