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Writer in Chicago


I am facing a decision concerning my health. I am 65 and finally post menopausal. My last periods were at age 59. I have been tested extensively and while I do not have nay life threatening illnesses, I am thankful for this, I have uterine fibroids that are causing hip and back pressure and displacement and mild to moderate muscular atrophy. I have a great gynecologist who is also a surgeon. She has said it is not necessary to have a hysterectomy, but in meditation today I got the message that perhaps releasing the uterus at this time might be beneficial for me. The fibroids have expanded it’s size to that of 5 month’s pregnancy–which means I am carrying around the weight of being pregnant all the time! I am wondering if it is time for me to consider surgery. What are your thoughts? I am, by the way, a practicing Buddhist and I have daily movement and exercise and I do a very healthy, cleansing diet approach. I have never had major surgery and I am not on any medications. I would appreciate your thoughts.


Thanks for writing. Fibroids can be awful – many women get them, I’ve had them, too.

I think you need to follow your doctor’s advice. It sounds like surgery is necessary to remove the fibroids. The least invasive method is usually best – but you also need to listen to your intuition. It sounds like you’re in great shape and that you will recover quickly and easily from whatever procedure you decide to have. Know that it’s all good, all divine. 

I’m sending you love and healing energy in the meantime!