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What’s going on??


Hi Lisa, 

My gf of 4 years recently broke up with me. Her reasoning was that we just don’t work right now and that we both have personal issues to we need to work on and that we need to find ourselves. By the way I’m 24 and she is 22. I am still in love with this girl and I would love to give it another shot. She says she just wants to be friends and she doesn’t know what will happen with is romantically in the future. The tricky thing is we were living together and we have 2 dogs who now that she has moved out have to stay with me. She still has a key to my apartment so that she can come see the dogs when i am at work. How do I know if she might be willing to try it again or if she is done. For good. Also what’s the best way of maybe getting her back?  


You need to move on and act as if she’s not coming back.  Get your key back – figure out custody of the dogs, and start seeing other people.

If and when she comes back to you then you can decide what you want to do.  But don’t waste time hanging out for her – you’ll be missing too much.

Let me know how it goes!