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Warm in Phoenix


Hello Lissa ~

I am currently reading your book about closure and relationships. It is very good, but you wrote that you didn’t think you were very pretty?! I think you are very beautiful and I really like your name. I also am changing my name to something that fits me as a person. When I first told people, they didn’t understand. Now I know that I have to do it anyway, because the name will attract what I want in my life. Anyway my first name will be Kailee. It is Hawaiin – and means “Sea and Sky” because I want to move from Phoenix, AZ to Southern California. By the Beach!!

Thank you for your books, and keep up the good work.

Take care ~

Julie / Kailee



Dear Kailee,

I love your new name, it is inspired!  congratulations! I guess we’ll be seeing you in SoCal really soon now 🙂

I had insecurities when I was young, growing up, being compared to my much-more-beautiful younger sister and feeling less than adequate.  But things have changed now.  I know that each of us is whole and perfect and complete and absolutely beautiful exactly the way we are, where we are, who we are.  Keep reading, I think you’ll see what I mean!

You are awesome – thanks for writing!